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Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 5 by Nehta
Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 5
I do this for :iconjakanddaxter-oc-club: After all, she was inspired from Naughty Dog's games!
Enjoy my average english :XD:

Sorry for the quality, I really don't have lots of time these days...


1. Describe your outfit this round. Why do you think that’s appropriate attire for this round?

     Let’s be honest. I’m a masochist when doing outfits. Everytime it gets more complicated !!! Little brown leather straps everywhere, big kind-of scarf, strange hairstyle and armor parts too. I can’t imagine what I’ll sew next time! Well as we had to wear something making mysterious, I wanted something between monk and war. In the books I read I always find them interesting, the less they speak the more impressive they are!


2. What scares you more than anything?

    <i>Being forced to go back under Praxis’orders


3. Do you fear what you could become?

    Oh yeah, the destruction potential is soooo huge.


4. What is the worst thing someone could accuse you of being/doing?

    Being a monster… even if unfortunately sometimes it’s not far from it.


5. Have you lost someone close or important to you?

    Some, yes. Their « plan B » was a total fail.


6. What is your worst memory?

    A friend of mine asked me to end his suffers. As a friend…. I refuse nothing to friends… that was awful.


7. Do you have any scars, physical or otherwise? How did you get them?

            I usually GIVE scars hehe :D well in behaviour I act strangely when I’m in front of big bearded men.. some violence pulsions XD


8. What tragedies have you suffered through?

            At the moment, none. 


9. Are you still suffering in any way?

    I‘ve learned to deal with it.


10. What makes you uncomfortable?

    Having to show people I’m a reliable person. Those are too stupid to imagine I’m not looking for blood !


11. What are you suppressing?

    Addiction to Dark Eco… for the moment it gets good


12. What are you afraid of?

     Having a new one..!


13. Do you hide your real self from the world, or behind a mask?

     Not really. I don’t really have the choice, with my appearance. I try to keep true to myself.


14. What do you regret?

     I have no regrets. I always act the way I think the best in each moment, with what I have at that moment.


15. Tell us about your past.

    It’s… clouded. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling I’ve already seen things but I can’t clearly identify where it is from. For example, I sometimes know the names of people I meet for the first time.


16. What secrets are you hiding?

     It’s not hided by me, unfortunately, and I would like to understand it too.


17. Is there anything that offends or triggers you?

     Aping me. That’s a direct ticket to death.


18. Do you have any biases or prejudices? What are they?

     Yes I have some. I prefer not telling them because I try to fix them…


19. In your opinion, what’s the most evil thing a person could do?

     Betray confidence of weak people really counting on you.


20. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Do you still want to be that?

     I have no clear memory of my past.


21. What would your younger self think of what you’ve become?

     I can’t answer.


22. Is your life ‘on hold’ in any aspect?

     Not really


23. What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

     Having to answer complicated questions about my life…oh-uh… oops… !!!!! :XD: well hum I dreamt I had to keep an eye on dozen children during a day… Those little devils were just a pain in the a** !!!!

24. What’s your hell?

      Being forced (by courtesy) to bear numbskulls trying to explain me Life.


25. What is the closest you’ve been to dying?

       During my stay in Praxis’prisons… I think I wasn’t far from it !


26. If you were to die tomorrow, how would you feel about what you’ve done with your life so far?



27. If you could choose, how would you like to die?

        By doing something useful.


28. Could you ever murder someone? Do you believe there is ever a situation in which murder is okay?

        I already did this. Because the situation made it ok. Enough ok for me so far.


29. If you had a free kill, and you wouldn’t suffer any consequences for using it, is there someone you wouldn’t hesitate to kill? Who and why?

       Who? I really don’t know… </ i>


30. Someone you care deeply about is on the brink of death and there is nothing you can do to save them. They want you to ‘get it over with’ and end their suffering. Would you be able to kill them?

       I… already did this too. He asked for it. I… made it quick and without pain… what a terrible situation. I would have had regrets if I let him suffer hours and hours…


31. What do you lie about?

       I never lie. I only don’t tell the whole truth haha!


32. Whom do you envy and why?

        No one. Nothing I couldn’t get by myself. I don’t envy power or influence. This doesn’t interest me.


33. What advice would you give your younger self?

        Go straight to goal.


34. What did you do for fun when you were ten years old?

        As a handywoman I think I had fun by creating things… but I can’t remember…


35. Do you still do that activity, or would you like to do it?

        …if it’s right, then I still do it yes !


36. Were you a well behaved child?

        Ha… This is a good question. As I don’t want to speak about my family at all and I don’t remember my past, I could consider I was perhaps a bad behaved child… but… if that’s true, how could I do courtesy to annoying people, for example ? How could I keep so calm despite the abilities I have to kill and destroy?


37. How much formal schooling have you had?

       It’s perhaps better I can’t remember, in fact. I just hope I didn’t hurt someone!


38. Did you enjoy school? What was your favorite class?

        … I’m sorry not being able to answer it…


39. If something is forbidden, do you want it less or more?

        Ha ! This I can answer ! FOR SURE I’ll try to have it! Well, depends on what but generally yes I want it more.


40. Is there an area of your life where you feel out of control?

        Yes. When someone else had control on me and made me do things I couldn’t stop. That was a very uncomfortable feeling.


41. Is there an area of your life where you feel especially in control?

        When I can bear idiots, yes !


42. Are you comfortable or uncomfortable in a disorderly environment?

        Depends on what I have to do


43. How was your childhood? How do you feel about it?

        Once more….


44. Is there something you’re still holding on to; is it time to let go?

        I have no regrets… but I’m a resentful person !


45. Is there an activity that you love to do - yet somehow never seem to actually do it?

       Learn to swim… :XD:





Author’s Corner:


1. How do people tend to respond to your OC?

            People… like friends and family? Well they don’t understand why I draw her. But I don’t care at all.

2. Do you have any fears regarding this OC?

            Why should I ?


Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 4 by Nehta
Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 4
I do this for :iconjakanddaxter-oc-club: After all, she was inspired from Naughty Dog's games!
Enjoy my average english :XD:


1. Describe your outfit this round. Why did you choose that outfit?
    This style of outfit is something very rare I have. Well, I already did some futurist sexy outfits but this one looks different to me. It’s funny because when you're wearing it, you're feeling like a movie star. I thought it was accurate to the kind of questions of this round : so many people play a totally different game as their usual way to be when it’s about dating that I wanted to mock this by wearing something that isn’t  like me. I can play this game, but I’m not part of high society and famous superficial people.
About the dress : it's made of plenty of mat and shiny gold metallic irregular triangular pieces, and the middle/light gray fabric is cut in a rectangular shape to keep the geometric design. The triangulars aren't stretch but the half- transparent fabric hanging them is. That makes the whole quite comfortable to wear, more that it looks to be.

3. How is your romantic life?
    Oohhhh if I could skip this round... I hate talking about love, romantic.... I find it nice, ok, cute, ok, but please as romantic as a relation can be, I can't see the romantic in it. All of this is based on animal instincts.

4. What is your status [single, married, etc.]?

5. What do you prefer/look for in your significant other?
    Well, some honesty, but that's for friends too. I don't know what to say about it. Perhaps someone who looks like me, just to have common experiences to talk about, for example.

6. What is your sexual orientation?

7. How proficient are you at dating?
    I hate when men are trying to show me something "marvelous" in the sky: mountains, beautiful clouds.. I can fly, you imbecile!

8. Would you ever have sex on the first date?
    No. For sure no. Many mens are interested by the "exotic side" I could "offer". As long as I know, I'm the only one like this, and I feel they are looking for «sex trophies ». Those viscous slugs...

9. What are your turn ons/turn offs?
    The "turn ons" are few... the only time it happened I didn't understood it well. I suddenly went "on", there was no contact for it. There are plenty of "turns off"! A glance, a word that could hear nice but "too much", an attitude... oh yeah I'm complicated. But the one who had my favors that day didn't complain..!

10. Do you think you’re attractive in any sense?
    I got too much proofs. I can't say no one is interested.

11. Why have past romantic relationships not worked out?
    Because people aren't open minded, or thinking that dating me is too much talked about ?

12. Do you have a ‘type?’
    Not really. I won't say the first man looking as I am could interest me.
It isn't that simple!</i>

13. Describe your perfect date.
    Err.... I never thought about it. Something else to do.

14. How do you feel about romance?
    On another planet.

15. Tell us about a romantic encounter that didn’t go as expected. Or tell us a few!
    Well.. none, none, none, none...

16. Are you a virgin?

17. Do you believe in sex before marriage?
    It's a choice.

18. Do you believe in marriage or monogamy?
    Yeah, why not?

19. Do you want children and if so how many?
    Not. At. All. I can’t bear them. They are dumb, they ask stupid questions, and when you tell them the answer, one day, they repeat it to you as if they were teaching you something. I’m so glad not being a child anymore… soooooooo  glad!

20. Which of the seven deadly sins do you best represent and why?
    Anger. Because the rest doesn’t fits that good with my personality.

21. Have you had a lot of previous relationships?
    No. A pity that the people that interested me were afraid of being my boyfriend.
Most of the mens trying to date me didn't interested me, so it's quite a mess.</i>

22. Have you ever rejected a proposal, or been rejected by someone you proposed to?
    I rejected some. Those were not serious at all.

How many times have you been rejected when asking someone out?
    Two or three. I'm glad they did. I know now what they're doing of their lives and I won't be proud of it!

24. Do you do the breaking up, or are you the one being broken up with?
    I do the breaking up. I feel when they have a problem with the relation and I do the breaking up before they put words on it.

25. Given the choice between someone you are physically attracted to and someone you’re mentally attracted to, who would you rather date?
    The second one.

26. Do you have a celebrity crush?
    A pity that this Jak can't keep his "dark" form very long. But I don't know how it could work anyway. He’s a bit too much lunatic.

27. Would you ever play a ‘strip’ version of a game?
    I don't mix the two games ;)

28. Is there a person who could make you do anything for them if prompted?
    Not yet.

29. Where do you see yourself in six years?
    Who knows? We can't plan weather more than three days for sure, what about life?!? And anyway I prefer it imprevisible.

30. What inspires you?
    The will that can move mountains.

31. What is your favorite quote?
    If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself.

32. What are your aspirations?
    Being an inspiration to anyone could be great. Would mean that I'm not acting for nothing.

Are you happy with your life’s current trajectory?
    Quite, yeah. It's always perfectible but perfect life doesn't exist.

34. Who do you look up to?

35. Do you love yourself? How can you love yourself more today?
    Yes I do. I try to do it each day by doing something different when I can.

36. What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life to date?
True love isn’t given to anyone.>

37. What is the most important/impactful moment of your life to date?
    When asking for it, the moment you wait the answer. Then it grows or decreases

38. Are you afraid of letting others get close to you? If so, why?
    Yeah perhaps. I'm not used to it.

39. Who are the most important people in the world to you?
    Friends... as I think I already said in some rounds before..?

40. What kind of person do you enjoy spending time around?
    The same...?!?

41. Who are your mentors in life?
Looks a bit like question 34 to me. I'll have the same answer...

42. Do you want to be a part of high society?
    Ha! Interesting one. I think no. I've got the impression the higher you get, the less liberty you have.

43. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve done?
    hmmm… there are a few, I couldn’t choose between the day I honestly said a baby looked horrible (the mom were not far enough !) or the day I had to fight Jak at his dark form when Praxis… well no I really don’t like that episode of my life at all.

44. Would you sacrifice yourself to save someone else?
    As I already said in Question 28…For the moment, no.

45. How do you feel about Mar (going for the historic Mar, not necessarily Jak)?
    I already answered too in Question 34 ;)

46. Do you have any eco powers/prowess?
    yes, but I try to avoid them the most I can. It occurs when I have contact with Dark Eco. It’s like candies or something like it. I can perfectly live without it but it’s better when I don’t see it… otherwise I go straight towards it or I must contain me not to ! I have the electric style eco powers and invisibility, the first very, very powerful, and the second as much as I want, even months later without Dark Eco. It’s very helpful sometimes !

47. Would you ever want eco powers/prowess? If yes, which kind(s)?
    Let me think… well no I like the ones I have.

48. Do you have opinions - good or bad- about those/others that have eco powers/prowess?
    I don’t care the moment they don’t piss me off with.


Author’s Corner:

1. Has anything from your romantic life been reflected in your character’s romantic life?

About children, completely :XD: For the rest, not totally.

2. How hardcore are you willing to go when writing/drawing romantic and/or sexual content regarding this OC?

I never write such things. I answered what I thought my OC could do or say here, but I don’t want to draw her in romantic moments.

In my gallery there’s a picture of her almost kissing Jak, but that was a commission for a friend of mine (in that time.. no comment!!)



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