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Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 2 by Nehta
Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 2

I do this for :iconjakanddaxter-oc-club: After all, she was inspired from Naughty Dog's games!
Enjoy my average english :XD:


1. Describe in detail your outfit for this round. What made you choose that attire?
            Aaaaannnd now I curse myself for having created this outfit!!!! Okay, where do I begin! Hm.
I'm wearing a dark grey and dark green leather/satin corset with gold rivets, embellished with small and middle Flut-Flut feathers. This corset is maintained by special zip whose geometry is present in the whole outfit. To begin, the thin leather strips directly connected to the corset by little buckles, and the end of those strips too. This geometry made of three little circles is also used to close the leg and the forearms/gloves parts made of dark grey and black leather.
There is some lace too, as a short. It's opaque and dark green too. I chose that outfit because I'm a huge fan of corsets. This one is more comfortable as normal ones, but it looks as good as the others I have. To fit with my wings I use magnets. It was an idea I had some years ago and I must admit that can't live without it now!

2. What is/are your talent(s)? What talent will you be performing for the pageant?
            I told in round 1 that I make my clothes by myself. That's one of my talents, but I consider I'm much better for hunting. Even though I've got a white skin, I'm really discreet and I know how to run the business! If I decide to hunt something, I get it. I study it, I observe it, and suddenly... just when the target feels secure.... So I'll perform some hunt for the pageant, as you can guess

3. How did you obtain this/these talent(s)?
            By training, by hunger, by passion. I'm made for it. I couldn't imagine working in an office!

4. What are your hobbies and why did you choose them?
            I like to draw nature. I live in nature. This is my most powerful inspiration and energy source. It's like the hobby came to me, and I have to execute it. Creating equipment or clothes is a great hobby too. I've got plenty of space for it and I can't stop designing new stuff! And - that's right - my morphology make limited shopping in town. I prefer from far doing something really accurate by myself instead of trying to adapt clothes for "normal" people.

5. What do you think is your most important or useful skill/ability?
            Patience. For people I have few, but for hunt and sewing I've got plenty of it!

6. What interests you?
            Good meat! And all that could be connected to hunt.

7. Do you like the outdoors?
            I chose to live in! I spent most of my time outdoors, even when it rains.

8. What is your favorite article of clothing?
            rrr.... anything with leather... I just LOVE it.

9. Favorite season?
            I'd say autumn. The colours in the nature amaze me every year.

10. Are you a morning person or a night person? How well do you sleep?
            I'm a morning person. I can't sleep anymore when the sun rises. And what I like in it is that in the morning there are fewer people outside. It's a privileged moment of silence I really love.

11. What do you wish you were talented at?
            Foreign languages, and why not some dancing too?

12. What are your goals in life?
            Achieve something useful for the community, in my manner

13. How are you trying to obtain those goals and are you succeeding?
            As the community is made of a lot of people, it's quite hard to be useful to everybody. So I try to erase what is absolutely useless for the community. Like... hm... let's say disturbing creatures! As I'm here to speak about it, I can say I succed in it.

14. What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain these goals?
            I can left my comfortable life aside if needed. For several months long, I already did it and the feeling I had after it was much better to anything I could have had if I stayed home.

15. What is your diet like? How often do you eat (constantly, always forgetting, etc.)?
            I eat two or three times a day. It depends of the amount of food and season. I eat more in winter than in summer, for example.

16. How healthy are you?
            Thanks Precursors I've got a very good health. I get ill one time every two or three years. I'm sensitive to too hot temperatures but I stand the cold quite good.

17. What is the state of your mental health? Do you have any mental illnesses?
            I'm not worse than anyone normal.

18. Do you have any physical disabilities?
            Let's say I've got other abilities than "normal" people usually have. I said in Round 1 that I can't swim, but I don't even know if I could be able to.

19. Are you or have you ever been in therapy?
            They tried to force me, but they failed.. Hahah!! That was some crap therapy, like they wanted to do to this poor guy they found in the past or whatever.. They should have changed strategy, as we both escaped!

20. How concerned are you with your physical well-being?
            I make it kind of priority. I want my body to be ready for anything, anywhere, anytime.

21. What challenges you?
            Keeping quiet with annoying people I need for something to be done. It's rare but it happens! Did I already say I need to learn patience with people?

22. What do you like to do for fun?
            Moving in the outdoors, city or nature, as fast as I can, until I'm out of breath!

23. Are you motivated by competition?
            Absolutely not.

24. What is something you feel irrationally guilty about (something is not your fault yet you somehow feel responsible, for example)?
            I feel responsible of the forest where I live. I don't want anything wrong to happen. At the moment I still didn't see anything bad happening without I could stop it but if it happens one day, I think I would feel guilty.

25. What do you read about in your free time?
            Books on Precursor legends. I love legends!

26. What would you do if you had more energy?
            The same as now, but with bigger productivity ( I think at designing clothes and outfits)

27. If you could do any job for a day, what would it be?
            Something in an office. Just to realise more than I already do how lucky I am to be independant!

28. How would you describe yourself to someone?
            I would probably say "I'm perhaps someone strange on first sight but people who take time to know me always find a thrustworthy, honest and faithful person

29. What’s the top priority in your life right now?
            Keep this forest I love more and more peaceful every year. I can't stand junkies or military operations in it. I'm not a bean sprout eater or so, I respect how hard nature can be and I play its game by hunting myself, without other weapons than my hands, but I want to keep wild places like this out of industry shit. I've got nothing wrong with people enjoying it as long as they respect it.

30. What is your inner dialogue like?
            "Hey, look at this beautiful deer, what an awesome dinner you could do of this! - But there's too much for me alone! - And what?! Hunt it and sell the rest in town! - Hehehehe.... "

31. What is the meaning of life?

32. Would your parents be proud of you and what you’ve done at this point in your life?
            To answer it I need to know them.

33. Would you ever want to rule the world?
            Oh no. I would have to see a lot of people every day, be gentle with everyone to keep good opinion polls, try to satisfy everyone's whims, sit at desk for hours to decide whether I allow money for a new jail or not... and more, I'm really not interested in politics.

34. Are you currently making a difference - for the good or bad - to the world?
            I think yes. I hope for the good.

35. Do you participate in holidays and birthdays?
            Yes, with pleasure!

36. What do you do for your birthday?
            I hunt something big and invite friends and their families for a biiiiiiig barbecue!!!

37. What basic RPG class do you belong to (warrior, rogue, mage, etc.)?
            Good question. I guess warrior.

38. Racing is a huge sport in many places; are you into any particular types of racing (leaper lizards, land vehicles, zoomer vehicles, etc.)?
            I don't want to show-off but by flying I'm on a class of my own :/ I'm not comfortable in sitting in a car because of my wings... and those are the reason I cheat unintentionnaly at lizards races because I've got flying reflexes! Sometimes with friends we race for fun, but everything official is hard for me to attempt..

39. Can you drive? Are you good at it?
            Cars are a problem to me as I said before, but zoomers are quite cool to drive. I prefer using my wings to travel but I'm not too bad at driving.

40. What do you think about the enslavement of lurkers?
            It is part of things I want to erase on earth (enslavement, not lurkers :XD: )

41. Have you ever fought/killed a metal head? Any other creatures?
            Fought and killed. Many of them. I don't show off with it because I consider it as a duty... see answer 13 for it. If it includes other creatures, so it includes other creatures! No discrimination ahahahah!!

42. Do people tend to like you?
            On first sight, they don't know how to react, but if they consider me as a person, they discover someone they can rely on and they like it.

43. How concerned are you with being well like by everyone?
            I find it important. Very. To everyone it's impossible but I try to.

44. Do you enjoy traveling?
            Yes, but I couldn't to it all the time. I need known places to live in to recharge my batteries.

45. Describe your dream home.
            The same as mine, but higher in mountains. This as a second home for summer when it's too hot.

46. Can you handle watching scary movies?
            Not very. I live scary things everytime I've got to manage with those stupid Krimzon Guards, thanks!

47. Are people mostly good?
            They all do the best they can for their own business. Then it depends on the business they run...

48. Do you believe in an afterlife?
            Sure. How could I promise it to metal heads and other pests I "erase"?!


Author’s Corner:

1. Do you have every aspect of your character’s story/life figured out?
            As I imagined a lot of variants of stories for her, I can't say I've figured out everything... Those rounds are a real therapy to me :XD:

2. How well do you understand story structure and how well do you feel you implement it?
            I don't consider myself as a good story teller :/ I just hope my entries are believable ^^'

Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 1 by Nehta
Jak and Daxter OC Pageant Nehta Round 1
I do this for :iconjakanddaxter-oc-club: After all, she was inspired from Naughty Dog's games!
I hope I well understood the rules. :XD:
oh - and - she changes clothes at every drawing, so I tried this time to do something that looks like "everyday clothes" for her and suitable with the ND's Trilogy.

Enjoy my average english :XD:

1. Why did you enter the Pageant? What do you hope to achieve by participating in this pageant?
            Well, nothing special. I just wanted to have fun. So, no hope, I already have what I wanted ;)

2. Why should you be Miss/Mister OC?
            Why SHOULD i be? Because I'm old? Ha ha!! Well, if 28 is old, then.

3. What is your full name?
            Nehta Bilhild

4. What do you think of this name?
            It suits me, I think.

5. Would you change your name? What to (if no, pretend you had to)?
            No, but if I would have to... I'll chose something to do with my white skin, perhaps.

6. Do you have any nicknames?
            "Mercy please!!" counts?

7. Do you have any titles?
            I'm not really fan of titles.

8. When is your birthday and how old are you?
            28 years old, and my birthday is on September 7th

9. How is life going for you right now?
            Well quite good, it's summer and I love it :XD:

10. Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any?
            No, but I really admire some of them.

11. Describe your physical appearance and outfit in detail. Why did you choose this outfit?
            Where di I begin... Hm. White skin, silver eyes, white hair too. Kind of hybrid build as I've got huge bat wings, lion tail and feets. And sharp teeth. For the outfit, I change every time I get out. It's one of my hobby. This time I tried to do something simple.

12. Describe your personality.
   - when it goes for people. For other things, yes, but not everything. Then, I'd say that I have moral, and I try to stick to it, so let's say I'm direct.

13. What is something you really want people to know about you, but never had the proper chance to inform them?
            Please spell "Nehta" with the "h" in the right order, please >.<

14. Where were you born, and where do you live now?
            I don't remember where I was the day I was born :D But I can say I love living in mountain environment.

15. What sort of home do you live in (building type: apartment, shack fortress, etc.)?
            I built my home by myself. Wood, stone, simple little home. I spend most of the time outdoor.

16. Describe your bedroom/the state of your bedroom.
            View to the mountains, without possibility to be seen from outside. Clothes at its place, like everything. I'm a bit a fussy person. Big opened window, even when it's raining.

17. Where are you employed?
            Nowhere, people fear me! I don't understand why.

18. What is your current job? Do you like it?
            Hunter on my own. Sometimes I help friends in their tasks, but otherwise I enjoy life.

19. What do you think of your employer and coworkers?
            They need to pull their finger out.

20. How did you become employed at your current job?
            I'm good at hunting, so I decided to make a living of it.

21. How are you at job interviews?
            Direct. I hate embroidering.

22. What is your dream job?
            Warrior, that may interest me, but I am satisfied of my living yet.

23. Do you have a favorite color? Food? Possession?
            I love orange. I'm sad that doesn't fits me very well. For food, when there's meat I'm happy. And for possession... uhmm.. nothing special.

24. What are a few of your other favorite things?
            My clothes, because I never found anyone having the same as I!

25. What are a few of your least favorite things?
            Snow, pasta, liars.

26. What are your shortcomings or weaknesses (physically, mentally, and romantically)?
            I can't swim. When I try to, I really look ridiculous. At cooking I'm just useless. I prefer letting other do it, and pay for it: it's better for my health! "Romantically"... what does this word means?

27. What are your strengths?
            Flying abilities. Even with my wingspread I can go everywhere I want. Then, I'm able to think fast. I've got good reflexes. I'm a person of action.

28. In what way(s) are you proud of yourself?
            Keeping my freedom and being close to my moral.

29. Do you consider yourself to be intelligent?
            Enough to get what I want, and understand what people want from me.

30. Do you have a code of honor that you live by?
            Yes. I'm a woman of her word. And when someone betrays me, I do not trust him/her anymore. One chance. Except very very rare cases.

31. Do people tend to read you wrong or have certain misconceptions about you?
            Yes, so much as they judge me before knowing me. It's getting me on my nerves.

32. Are you good at reading people?
            Usually yes.

33. Do you prefer to be alone or in a group?
            Alone. But I sometimes have good time being with others.

34. Is there something or someone you miss?
            A friendship I had with someone, but I got betrayed. This is really a pity. For her haha!

35. What have you accomplished in life so far?
            Helping people is an accomplishment for me. I don't need more than people's satisfaction.

36. What have you failed at in life so far?
            Some social life? Ha ha ha!

37. What are your vices, or guilty pleasures?
            Hunting for fun.

38. Do you have any addictions?
            Meat! Oops... you're going to think I'm crazy... I just can't resist to massages.

39. Are you mischievous/rebellious/trouble making?
            It may be possible.

40. Are you wanted for any crimes?
            When someones tries to kill me, then I do it first.

41. Do you regularly commit crimes?
            It's a very subjective vision, my dear.

42. What kind of problems or situations do you usually run into?
            When people attack me just because they have fear of me.

43. How do you handle stressful situations?
            Action. Perhaps not the best, but at least this.

44. In all honesty, if your city/world was to suddenly be invaded by a massive force (metal heads, dark makers, robots, zombies, etc.), would you be able to survive?
            I think yes. Would I be able to protect people too, I'm not that sure.

45. What are your finances like? Do you value money? Are you good at saving money?
            Life's so expensive! I try to pay attention to money and at this moment I manage it quite good... good enough to be ok with everyone.

46. Describe your normal/daily routine.
            First of all, taking great breath in nature just after I woke up. I need it. Then, I have a look to the surroundings, to see if there's something unusual and gather fruits or so. Then I do hunt. Then eat something before I get in town with what I hunt for selling it , buy sometimes fabric to sew some clothes for me, or eat something different. There's the moment I meet people so sometimes it gets well for those who are used to see me, but sometimes there are new ones that gets problems because judging me. I'm glad people learn quite fast. Some of my friends know where to find me, and ask me a little help for their business. I generally accept.

47. Describe your typical weekend plans.
            Exploring by air!

48. What are a few quirks of yours?
            Singing? I do it at home, when I'm sure no one heards it! Trying to swim, but I don't see any improvement. I really need a teacher for it.

49. What types of music do you enjoy?
            Alternative rock. Jazz.

50. Do you like to dance? Are you good at it?
            Not really. I don't know how to do it and I don't try to know it.

51. How healthy is your self-esteem?
            Very good, as I respect myself. I accept my weakness. I deal with it.

52. In all honesty, do you like yourself?
            YES I do!

53. What is your favorite physical attribute?
            My hands.

54. What is your least favorite physical attribute?
            I don't have any.

55. Is there anything, physical or mental, you would like to change about yourself?
            Learn patience... definitively.


Author’s Corner:

1. How did you come up with the idea for this character?
            It's been 9 years (I'm not sure at all!!) I'm drawing her. I got inspired by the Jak and Daxter series, Dark Jak precisely, and in the beginning she had horns and black eyes like him. The horns have quickly disappeared but the eyes long stayed. I did some "pause" in drawing my OC and when I draw her again, I gave her normal eyes. I also wanted her to fly, and looking terrible. So I create her in hybrid form. I hope I'll do not have to explain this in those entries, I would have to invent something complicated :XD:

2. How similar is this character to you and how do you feel about that?
            She express everything I feel, sometimes sad, but often angry. I get very surprised when, months later, I compare my drawing to what I lived in that time, how accurate it was to the situation. She is really my way-out. I feel well with it, as I don't look for other's recognition when I draw her. I do it for my mental health :D


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